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About Us

Deer Creek Psychological Associates is a multi-disciplinary group practice offering a variety of psychological services to children, adults and families.


Our highly experienced clinicians offer individual, couples, and family therapy, and educational, neuropsychological, disability, and psycho-physiological evaluations. We also provide consultations to parents, allied professionals, schools and other human service agencies.


Our goal is to provide specific and cost effective treatment, keeping in mind the best interests of our clients and their families.

Our Backgrounds and Credentials

Pamela Fein
Business Manager

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Welcome to Deer Creek!  My goal is to effectively match you with one of Deer Creek's highly trained clinicians. I will do so by working with you to gather pertinent information. I am familiar with each clinician's areas of expertise, individual style and personality, as well as availability. I schedule evaluations, and take care of the business details behind the scenes. If you have a billing or insurance question, please do not hesitate to call me. I hope your experience with us will be a positive one, whatever your needs may be. If for some reason we cannot help you, we will do our best to point you in the right direction. I trust you will find your reception courteous, sensitive and helpful.

I take my job very seriously, and I understand how hard it can be to get to this stage of the search process. Please be assured that what you tell me will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. I may be reached at 802-785-2903, extension 301. I look forward to working with you. I'm sorry, because of confidentiality issues, we are unable to respond to text or email messages.

Please note: ALL NEW REFERRALS must first call our Business Office at (802) 785-2903. We do not accept any texted, e-mailed, or faxed referrals.

Raymond Chin, PhD, MFA
Board Member & Owner


Raymond J. Chin, PhD, MFA received his doctorate from Michigan State University in Child and Family Clinical Psychology with a fellowship at Harvard Medical School at Boston Children's Hospital. He specializes in pediatric behavioral medicine. His areas of interest include: neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism, ADHD), trauma, and chronic illness. He incorporates neuropsychological consultations, mindfulness-cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy, and teacher training to develop programs for complex children. He frequently gives presentations and training for neurodevelopmental disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma, and mindfulness. Dr. Chin is also a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with an MFA in printmaking and has taught art at all grade levels.

David M. Drazin, PhD  Board Member & Owner


David M. Drazin, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist. He received his doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego. Dr. Drazin specializes in the evaluations and treatment of children and adolescents. Areas of expertise include Attention Deficit, learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders and issues related to self esteem. He provides consultations to schools and has served as the psychologist for the School Performance Clinic of the Child Development Program, Dartmouth Medical School.

Mary J. Schneider, PhD  Board Member & Owner


Mary J. Schneider, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist who attended Dartmouth College and then earned her doctorate from the University of Vermont. She works with adults throughout their life span and with older adolescents, especially as they transition to adulthood. Areas of expertise include anxiety disorders, depression, self-acceptance, self discovery, grief, loss, relationship difficulties, and effective parenting. Her skills include cognitive-behavioral, behavioral, EMDR and relationship therapies.

Michelle L. Belk, MA, LCMHC 


Michelle L. Belk, MA, LCMHC received her Masters degree at Assumption College in Massachusetts, and is licensed in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. She is trained in cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, and family therapy. Ms. Belk's experience and practice consists of working with children and adolescents, adults and their families with a wide range of difficulties, including: trauma, self-injury, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, autism spectrum, ADHD, anger management, disruptive behaviors, and effective parenting. Ms. Belk brings to Deer Creek many years of clinical and instructional expertise, and was an Adjunct Instructor at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.

Mark J. Detzer, PhD  Affiliate

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Mark J. Detzer, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist. He earned his PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Vermont and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship with Stanford University Medical Center. His areas of interest include working with adolescents and adults coping with developmental and relationship issues, chronic medical conditions, depression, anxiety and school performance issues. Dr. Detzer is  an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College.

Laurie Farr Hanks, MA, CAS 


Laurie Farr Hanks, MA, CAS is a certified School Psychologist. She received her Masters degree and Certificate of Advanced Study at Plattsburgh State University of New York. Ms. Hanks has presented workshops on different evaluation tools and best practice in assessments. She has been published in Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, Psychology in the Schools, and the NASP newspaper Communique. She specializes in learning disabilities, with interests in cognitive theory and assessment for grades pre-K through 12. She provides psycho-educational evaluations and consul- tations for interventions to improve school performance in many area schools.

Anna Hutton, PsyD Affiliate


Anna Hutton, PsyD earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She completed a pre-doctoral internship through Dartmouth Medical School and completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in clinical neuropsychology at Children's Hospital in New Orleans. She is licensed as a psychologist in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Areas of specialty include assessment of ADHD, learning disabilities, and Autism Spectrum disorders. Dr. Hutton also conducts assessments with patients who have experienced neurological issues including seizure disorders, brain tumors, strokes, and traumatic head injuries.

Rhea M. McKay, PsyD Affiliate


Rhea M. McKay, PsyD has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Antioch New England Graduate School and a degree in Child Assessment and Counseling from the University of Toronto, Institute of Child Study. Dr. McKay works with adults and children on issues related to trauma, separation and loss, foster care, adoption, and other family dynamics. She has a special interest in psychological assessment of children and adults.

Sarah D. Stearns, PhD  Affiliate


Sarah D. Stearns, PhD. is a clinical/pediatric psychologist who is licensed in both NH and VT. Dr. Stearns is a graduate of Dartmouth College, received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kentucky, and completed a Post-doctoral Fellowship at Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, KY. Dr. Stearns has expertise in treating disruptive behavior disorders such as ADHD and ODD, and provides parent behavior management and anger management training. Dr. Stearns' other treatment specialties for ages 2-22 include anxiety disorders (e.g., phobias, separation anxiety, PTSD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety); coping with grief and loss, pain management, and treatment of acute and chronic medical conditions.


Susan Pullen, MSW, LICSW is a licensed clinical social worker.  She is a graduate of Tufts University, and received her Masters degree from Boston University.  Susan is trained in cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, exposure response prevention for treatment of anxiety disorders, as well as relationship therapies.   Her practice approach is warm, strengths-based and trauma informed.  Susan’s experience and practice consists of working with children, adolescents and adults in a wide range of environments, including medical, outpatient mental health, school and residential treatment settings.  She is also a former elementary and middle school teacher.  Areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief, adolescent/young adult identity and development, stress management, wellness, and effective parenting.

Susan Pullen, MSW,


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Dasher is Dr. Chin's therapy dog certified by Caring Animal Partners (CAP). He has the gentle loving nature of a yellow lab and the energy of a husky. He loves people, especially children.

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