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Chronic Illness Counseling

Advances in medical care and technology have led to improved care and better longevity for youths and adults with chronic medical conditions. Medical providers are often ill-equipped to help, however, when it comes to supporting individuals with the psychological aspects of living with a chronic medical condition. Physicians and other medical providers often say their training did not adequately prepare them to manage the psychological/social aspects of chronic care and state that patients with chronic medical conditions frequently have mental health needs that are not being met.

Individual treatment by our therapists focusing on helping youth and adults managing chronic medical conditions can help with addressing the impact of physical and psychological effects of the illness on both the individual and the family, strategies for improved self-management of your/your child’s chronic condition, enhancing communication with your doctors, maintaining emotional balance to cope with negative feelings, strategies for managing anxiety and depression associated with the stress of managing a chronic condition, and building strength and resiliency within the individual and family.

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