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Adult And Geriatric Counseling

Adult counseling addresses the concern of adolescents transitioning into adulthood, adults, and senior citizens. Specialties include the treatment of anxiety and depression; life transitions; relationship difficulties; grief and loss.

Deer Creek clinicians use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with elements drawn from Cognitive Therapy, Behavioral Activation, Interpersonal Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Narrative Therapy.

The clinicians work with clients to help them understand how their difficulties developed, and to devise practical thinking and action strategies that may diminish their suffering; increase their tolerance for people and circumstances that cannot be changed; and help them mourn losses; focus on positives remaining in their lives; and incorporate new positive activities and thoughts into daily living.

Your counselor will help you to set goals and to move towards them. You will be taught strategies you can use to understand and cope with future or continuing difficulties.

Behavioral Activation is used with some clients. This method involves helping clients to identify activities that they have enjoyed, do enjoy, or think they might enjoy, and then to set simple, concrete goals to incorporate one activity at a time into their schedules. It can also focus on beginning an exercise program, using physical activities that the client enjoys, and/or pairing physical activity with other pleasurable things, such as social connection, music, an appealing or supportive setting, etc. Physical activity has been shown to improve mood when done on a regular basis- often, as much as or more than an antidepressant.

Finally, positive attentional focus is always a goal of therapy, balanced with the ability to squarely face the realities of life.

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