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  • Instant Help.

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  • A very compelling book about the dangers of being a student. I make it required reading for bullies.

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  • An amazing story of a boy who epitomizes resiliency and a tribute to a few adults who were his life supports.

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Second Step: Violence Prevention Program. Committee for Children.

  • The pictures, in this curriculum kit,Êare especially useful inÊdepicting a variety of children's emotional expressions.

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  • Highly recommended by Dr. Chin.

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  • Teens & adults.

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  • 3-10 year olds.

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  • OCD as a belief disorder.

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  • OCD treatment for adults.

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  • Classic work.

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  • Teens & adult.

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  • For children.


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Coping Cat. A 16 week CBT program for individual or group therapy for anxiety.

Lifeskills TM Program. A 10 week CBT program on tape for anxious children and adolescents.

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