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Intellectual & Developmental Disabilites


American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disability
444 N. Capitol Street, NW, Suite 846
Washington, DC 20001-1512

Developmental Therapy Program
Karen Davis, Director
191 East Broad Street, Suite 309
Athens, GA 30601-2801
(706) 369-5689
Fax (706) 369-5690

  • She has a good approach using a developmental milestones framework to help severely disabled children using art, music, and movement therapies.


Fovel, J.T. (2002). The ABA Companion. DRL books.

  • Excellent program with CD-Rom for setting up a behavior modification program for language, communication, and socialization.

Lovaas, O. Ivar. (1981). Teaching Developmentally Disabled Children: The ME Book. Pro-Ed.

  • This is the best book for teaching severely disabled children using behavioral strategies. This book can be found at Pro-Ed online.

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